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Notes from March 4, 2020 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

We had a great raffle, thanks to Marie DeAngelis of MidFirst Bank. There were prizes galore. Funds raised were designated for Valley View Community Food Bank.

Marie also gave a presentation on how to detect counterfeit bills. She said that there has been a rash of fraud in this end of town. Her advice is to invest a couple of dollars in one of the marking pens that turns a particular color if a bill is fake. She also urged us to pay attention to “gut instinct” when dealing with a possible attempt to pass a counterfeit bill. Marie also brought in a machine that detects bad bills, and showed us how it works. Scams are everywhere right now, including one perpetuated on a  college student who thought that the counterfeit check she presented was coming from a “sugar daddy.” It’s too bad there isn’t a special marker that will detect “stupid.”

We send our best wishes to Ami Fraus and  Susan Fitzgerald that they feel better soon.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the beautiful weather, and be on the lookout for funny money.

Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)