The Northwest Women’s Network is a freestanding organization established almost 27 years ago to enhance the efforts of women in business. Over the years it has been a source of both professional and personal support for a diverse group of entrepreneurs and enterprises. The objective of the Northwest Women’s Network is to establish an effective referral system through the exchange of leads and networking information; to encourage referrals to local community businesses; and to promote high standards of business professionalism and integrity. We also foster deep and lasting friendships, both in and out of the business arena. Any woman engaged in a business or profession may apply for membership in the Northwest Women’s Network. Our group is category exclusive, so only one representative for each business type is admitted for membership. Weekly meetings are held each Wednesday morning at 8:00 a. m. at Haymaker, 8706 W. Thunderebird Rd, Peoria, Arizona 85381. For additional information or to let us know to expect you as a visitor, please call Jody Serey at 623-561-0240, or email The Northwest Women’s Network supports its members’ businesses and services with enthusiasm. Every attempt is made to screen applicants for membership, to give the best assurance possible of the quality of products and services and level of expertise they offer. However, as a group we cannot absolutely guarantee the work or professional services of an individual member, and membership within the group cannot be construed as absolute protection against or indemnification from loss or disappointment. We encourage everyone to take reasonable and appropriate precautions when purchasing goods and services from any individual or organization.

What We Aren’t

We aren’t affiliated with a franchise or a national organization. Nobody owns us or dictates what we will do and how we will do it. We are free-standing, and continue to exist because the individual members are strongly tied to each other, both professionally and personally.

We aren’t a hard hitting leads group, although providing leads is a fundamental service that we provide to each other. We aren’t full of rules, regulations, slogans, and pressure. We aren’t judgmental, unwelcoming, and elitist.

We aren’t the new kids in town. We have been meeting for more than 26 years in the West Valley.

We welcome any woman in business, or representing a business, who is not in competition with an existing member’s category. Please feel free to visit us on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am at the Haymaker Restaurant, 8706 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria, AZ 85381.

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    A NOTE TO ANYBODY LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT ME, OR MY FRIEND, LUPE ENCINAS: My friend Lupe Encinas is running for the Glendale City Council, as the council person for the Yucca District. When she indicated to us, her friends who ultimately became her campaign committee and/or her support team, our feelings were mixed. We knew that Lupe was undeniably qualified, and would offer much to a local government that was sorely in need of new blood, and an unbiased outlook on current issues. However, we also knew that Lupe would be vulnerable to savage attacks, vicious rumors, and unfounded accusations. Regardless, we wanted Lupe to pursue her dreams of expanding her love of service to her neighbors to include an even broader swath of the community. So, we said we would help her any way we could.  Let it be noted that we have all been friends for many years. We came into each other’s orbits through our association in a small business network, so we were already quite used to showing up and helping each other out, regardless of what the project might be. So when Lupe turned in her paperwork with the signatures that she had collected one at a time HERSELF, we had already signed on for the duration of the campaign, regardless of any silent misgivings we might have had, none of which had anything to do with her ability to do the job if elected.  Lupe is a successful business owner, so snide asides in blogs and social media that she couldn’t possibly handle the added pressures of serving on the City Council are patently ridiculous. In her day-to-day business dealings, she delegates with a seasoned hand, after first hiring great employees, treating them with respect and fairness, and giving them the authority to make informed decisions. She’s smart, she’s savvy, and she is relentlessly ethical. At a critical point in her campaign, her beloved brother – a young man in his 30s – became terminally ill with cancer and ultimately died after prolonged efforts to overcome the disease. Lupe cared for him personally in her home, and never once mentioned to her detractors and doubters that she was shouldering not only the impending loss of her brother, but of one of her greatest friends and sources of encouragement.  Just to make things more challenging, everything that we as her friends had dreaded would come rolling her way, did. She has been bullied, maligned, misquoted, misrepresented, and lied about. And, just for good measure, so have a couple of her campaign committee members. Lupe has not once resorted to negativity or flame throwing as part of her methodology. Instead, she continued walking door to door, even as she does today in this terrible heat, introducing herself to members of the community and offering her neighbors a chance to get to know her personally. I will admit, I continue to have mixed emotions at the thought of Lupe being elected. I want her to win because she has worked so hard, and endured so much that should never have come her way. I want her to win, because she so deeply wants to expand her outreach to the community. I want her to win, because Glendale could certainly use somebody of Lupe’s caliber right now.  I overheard somebody take a swipe at her because her accent is apparent. Do you know what it means if somebody is speaking English with an obvious Spanish accent? It means that they are bi-lingual. She speaks two languages. I certainly don’t, and I have been in this state longer than Lupe has been alive. So in closing, let me say that if you have Googled my name and found some digs and wondered what’s up – I really am not concerned. What I do care about is my friend Lupe, and what scuff-marks might be left on her after this very contentious and vicious election is over.  There isn't much more I can say, except this. Lupe is purely wonderful. I have thought that for years, and not just this dreadful election year.  #electlupe #lupeencinas #glendaleyuccadistrict
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