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Notes from February 19, 2020 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

We missed seeing those of you who are among the sick and wounded, and we hope everybody is on the mend. Please know that we offer more than thoughts and prayers. We actually show up.  So, get well soon everybody.

Susan Riedel was our member speaker, and she caught us up with Modern Woodmen’s new and improved educational program. The Money Matters Financial Literacy Program is open to anybody’s kids, and you don’t have to be a Modern Woodmen member to participate. As always, the program is free, and there is never any selling associated with MW’s educational or community programs and events. Susan also brought information on MW scholarships, and a descriptive sheet about the various types of life insurance that are available through MW. Susan is also no longer a captive agent with MW, and can provide a full range of property and casualty insurance, buy/sell agreements, and much more. She is also a financial planner and has a vast array of financial vehicles available through her. Susan can be reached at 602-978-1005.

Robin McCord and AZ Perfect Comfort are now offering an air filter service. They come to you, change your air filters to keep you HVAC running at top efficiency, and it is all very affordable. For more information, call 602-789-3000. Robin is also helping the Southwest Veterans Association combat veteran suicide. She distributed some cards about donating to this cause, but information is also available at

Our beautiful Lupe Encinas is locked in a struggle with the toxic mavens of Catlin Court in historic, hysteric old Glendale. We were all duly enraged to the point of pitchforks and torches over hearing about her incredibly bad treatment by some of the longtime dragons in the moat at the city. We appointed Brooke head of the angry mob, and we are waiting to hear if our beautiful Lupe continues to be mistreated. There will be blood.

Brooke’s daughter, Leena, is dancing her way into awards, accolades, and first place standings with The Dance Project. Currently the group is selling coffee and tea to support their dance company. Brooke has information and a sign-up sheet. We also got the sad news that Butter Braids won’t be back until fall. In the jewelry news from the Schiavones and Z’s Fine Jewelry – there are many beautiful rings available during spring engagement season, and they are making plans for upcoming Mother’s Day, etc. Be sure to watch Brooke’s social media for breaking news.

We have a guest speaker next week. Pam Mathews from Spectrum Thermography will be there, as an invited guest of Susan Riedel. Please plan to be present if at all possible on the 26th.

Have a good weekend, watch the skies for rain, and stay safe.

Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.


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