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Notes from February 12, 2020 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

We had a great showing today, and were so happy to welcome back Susan Fitzgerald.

Susan is currently undergoing treatment again for breast cancer. She says that the chemotherapy will continue throughout this year. We will be delighted to see her at the meetings when she is feeling up to attending, and we will keep her close when she can’t be with us. We told her that we are ready to mobilize if there is anything we can do to help.

We are also extending every good thought and prayer to Ami Fraus, who is also dealing with cancer. We hope that Ami knows that she has backup available to her whenever she needs it. Several of you asked for Ami’s street address. I will be happy to provide it in a separate communication.

Cathy Smitch of I was Framed Photography was our member speaker today, and gave us a look at some of the photographs she has taken, including professional headshots, and all kinds of life events. She also talked about the way her profession and that of husband Justin Smitch have overlapped with All American Laser Engraving. For more information about Cathy’s photography business, see For additional information about All American Laser Engraving, contact Justin Smitch at JSmitch@AllAmericanLaserEngravingAZ.US. Jewelry engraving is referred to Z’s Fine Jewelry, but Justin can engrave on a variety of surfaces for unique, one of a kind gifts and tribute items.

Audrey Hickman was everybody’s Valentine with her boxes of Nothing Bundt Cakes. We all got our own to take home (or eat in the car when nobody was looking).

Dr. Beth Deemer said thanks for a new windshield from Goodies Glass. Jody Serey was wearing the Valentine’s Day necklace that husband David bought at Z’s Fine Jewelry, with the help of Brooke Schiavone. And Cathy Smitch needs three letters of recommendation so she can volunteer with foster children. Jody said she would provide one of them.

Finally, we were happy to have our new member, Vicki De Werth from Art on Fire, with us today. Welcome aboard, Vicki!

Walk-in weddings at Virginia’s House on Valentine’s Day will begin at 5 and go until 8 p.m. No appointment is necessary, and a very nice wedding can be had for a $50 fee – plus a sweetheart and an Arizona marriage license. Vow renewals and commitment ceremonies are also welcome.

Best wishes for the rest of the week. Stay safe. But remember – we’re your squad when things get ugly.

Best wishes,
Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)