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Notes from December 4, 2019 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

We were happy to welcome Cheri Smith of Travel by Cheri as our newest member. She also presented us with some very cute Santa ornaments that she made herself, causing those of us who are craft-impaired to suffer a spasm of jealousy.

We held annual elections for officers.  2020’s officers are Natalie Stahl, Facilitator; Cathy Smitch, Co-facilitator; Susan Fitzgerald, Treasurer; and Jody Serey, Secretary.

We were also glad that Vickie Mikoch accepted emeritus status with the group, and will remain connected to us whenever possible. She is caring for her father and can’t attend regular meetings. But we love her and are very happy that she will continue to be a part of us.

Judy Haenel’s birthday is today. We wished her a happy birthday with many returns of the day. We love Judy.

December 18 will be our last meeting of the year, and our Christmas party at the meeting. Please try to allot a little extra time that morning so we can celebrate thoroughly. We are going to have a gift exchange of holiday-related items in the $20 range, or whatever seems reasonable to you. Brooke is going to reprise the game that we played last year. We enjoyed it, and there were no fistfights over gifts, so it seems like a good game to repeat.  We are also collecting donations for our server Amberley’s Christmas card. Natalie is the keeper of the funds.

A reminder that we won’t be meeting on December 25 or January 1, as if you needed to have your attention called to that scheduling detail.

We got caught up on activities and business news. Lupe’s son, Ulysses, is becoming a lizard business magnate, and they have acquired a rescue iguana. We have urged Lupe to talk to Ulysses about offering a line of little lizard outfits and hats for picture-taking purposes.

Brooke’s daughter is marching in the APS Electric Light Parade this weekend, which will cap off Lupe’s and Joe’s toy drive and food collection at Z’s Fine Jewelry that is going to benefit Valley View Community Food Drive. Z.I.P. Night is Friday, December 6 from 12-7 p.m. RSVP ASAP to or call 623-374-7706 if you plan to come, and for your chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. They are also giving away a $250 Z’s gift card to one lucky winner drawn from the entries of donors of toys for the toy drive.

Ami has been a bit under the weather, and we send all good thoughts her direction that she and her Texas grit will soon be back in action.

I think that is the gist of our meeting. If I have forgotten anything, feel free to “reply all” and put in your two cents’ worth.

All the best, and have a great rest of the week.

Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)