Notes from October 23, 2019 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

We had eight members present this morning, so we moved our seats together and had a very candid and fact-filled forum. One of the strengths of our long-standing group is that we maintain an open discussion format and provide each other with real information and suggestions for real situations, rather than just aphorisms and slogans. Maybe that is why some of us have been crawling out of bed at the crack of dawn on Wednesdays since the early 1990s.

At any rate – we covered some very interesting ground regarding our activities as small business survivors. Lupe and Audrey are working hard to nail down another additional location for Lupe’s business, and have their efforts focused on a property in old Glendale not far from Natalie. So keep the good thoughts coming their way. If you haven’t seen Lupe’s cooking demonstration on Facebook, make sure you pull it up and enjoy it.

We talked about the litigation-prone society we live in, and the reality of frivolous lawsuits and predatory lawyers looking for any way to gin up business. Several heads nodded up and down when it was suggested that carrying adequate insurance is profoundly helpful today. As a group we agreed that we deplore the imbalance in the legal system that allows people with deeper pockets to overpower people with fewer resources to expend in the courts.

Ami let us know that it is possible to demand a refund from a pharmacy on a drug that is prescribed and returned. We were impressed with her success at retrieving her $48 from the healthcare machine.

This coming week, October 30, is Dr. Beth Deemer’s week to speak. Then all holiday heck breaks out immediately the following week as we hurtle towards December. I make every effort to keep upcoming events listed on our agenda. So please check it when it comes in your email. If you notice something missing or have something to add, just let me know.

Have a great rest of the week, and inhale this wonderful weather that we wait through the summer to see again.

All the best,
Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
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