Notes from September 25, 2019 Meeting


Dear Everybody,

This was the last meeting of September. Next week is October 2, and we have a member speaker (Lupe Encinas) and a raffle sponsor (Judy Haenel). It’s the fall quarter kick-off, so please plan to make the meeting.

Susan Riedel was the member speaker this week, and spoke about the importance of conveying wishes for final arrangements to family members ahead of an emotionally-charged situation. Susan provided interesting information, and will be happy to supply anybody with worksheets, etc. to help plan ahead for the inevitable.

Marie DeAngelis mentioned that a lien transfer (beneficiary deed) can be gotten for $17 and will allow heirs to avoid the expense of probate to inherit real estate property.

Discussion continued about using a website like or to search your name, or a relative’s name, to see if there are funds that have not been claimed. The process is somewhat paper-filled to claim something, but it can be worth it.

Several members were very positive about Legal Shield as an inexpensive means to obtaining legal advice for routine situations, including wills, contracts, etc.

October 2 is also the Chicken Fried Steak Event at the American Legion, 9847 W. Desert Cove, Peoria 85345. The Sons of The American Legion put this on monthly, and October’s gathering is being joined by Modern Woodmen. Justin and Cathy Smitch are on hand to make the evening special, and the dinner is available for just $5 a person from 5-7 p.m. Adult beverages are available for an additional cost. Reservations aren’t necessary, but a nose count is appreciated. Let Susan Riedel know if you think you will be there.

Lupe thanked Audrey Hickman for working on her behalf to obtain another property as part of her expansion. So, keep your fingers crossed for both Lupe and Audrey that all goes smoothly at 10th Street and Indian School. Lupe did mention that Dr. Misty was helping keep her afloat during a very intense time. So, we thank Dr. Misty for keeping Lupe pulled together.

For those of you needing a baker to help with ordinary special events, or holiday super-special events – Natalie Stahl of Virginia’s House recommends Sugar Skull Cakes LLC. They are the new baker for the West Valley Wedding Association, and the preferred vendor for Virginia’s House. They are on Facebook, and Jessica Gentry can be reached at 623-695-7620. Jessica’s artistry is upbeat, contemporary, and always adorable. Check out her work on her Facebook page, and you will notice that the bride and groom pictured cutting their beautiful cake look very familiar.

So we covered a variety of topics, from death to taxes, and all points between. If you weren’t there, we missed you. If you were there – it was great to be with you.

We have a dynamic group of women under one roof on a Wednesday morning.

Have a happy weekend, whatever you’re doing.

Best wishes,
Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)