Notes from August 21, 2019 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

We had a good meeting with some variety. The restaurant was short-handed, so the tables were left in their regular positions. We powered through the different seating arrangement, and it was fun. A few of us even tried something new for breakfast. Life on the wild side!

We were down a  few members because of traveling and other August realities, and hope everybody is safe and healthy.

We were happy to see Tori Rocha, and Aaden and Kayleb. Tori is still doing nails, and has expanded her family business to include custom one of a kind shirts, hand-painted shoes, and other custom items.

Dr. Beth was sporting multiple leg injuries after falling while trying to rescue her dog from a coyote. The dog was saved, but Beth is banged up. We also learned that the dog has survived another coyote attack, a rattlesnake bite, and a bird of prey. We suggested that she needs to advertise for a gypsy to lift her dog’s curse.

Dr. Misty said she is offering a back to school massage special for teachers. Robin McCord indicated that business is still busy because of the extreme heat, but is slowing down enough that appointments are available. Susan Riedel reported that a couple of outings are being considered that would be partially underwritten by Modern Woodmen.

Ami Fraus said that she is working with the drapery material for Audrey Hickman’s new drapes, and the bolt is putting up a good fight.

Marie DeAngelis told us that MidFirst Bank has a coin truck that can be made available for fundraisers, and that coins up to a certain amount will be matched by the bank. If you are planning a fundraiser or a charity event and are interested, talk to Marie.

MidFirst is also conducting some campaigns, including one that offers $300 to open a new account with the bank. Marie will be our member speaker on September 4 and will tell us how to detect and avoid fraud.

Pass It On Day is on September 11, which is a Wednesday. We voted by acclamation this morning to forego our regular meeting and gather at Judy’s shop, The Tulip Tree. Details will follow.

Next week, August 28, Modern Woodmen and Susan Riedel will present a Hometown Hero award to Jody Serey. We will also host a canned food drive in the group, and Jody will take the donations to Valley View Community Food Bank. Susan says that she will pick up the cost for your beverages next week, through Modern Woodmen.

We missed you if you weren’t there today, and were glad to see you if you were. Have a great rest of the week, and be careful in the heat.

Best wishes,
Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)