Notes from August 14, 2019 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

Our conversation today was filled with interesting and helpful tidbits. Here are some highlights, in no particular order:

  1. Brooke Schiavone told us about the gag-worthy water bill she and Joe received, and after some discussion we realized that they were not alone in their misery. Suggestions were offered about dealing with the utility company. She promised to update us on the results.
  2. Vickie Mikoch is still on the road, and assisting with her father who has spent some time in the hospital. We are hoping that she is back in time for Pass It On Day on September 11, which will be the 25th year of the event.
  3. Natalie Stahl filled us in on the upcoming changes to annual events in downtown Glendale. She is on a committee of merchants and property owners, and the meetings have been contentious. However, the new city manager has reallocated funding so that it benefits the city throughout the year, and not just during the two main events held in the past. The Chocolate Affaire will be no more, and the only two real “festival” evenings of Glendale Glitters will be the lighting and the final night with the hot air balloons.
  4. Brooke said that they are moving their business account to MidFirst Bank. It’s a prolonged process, but definitely worth the trouble.
  5. Susan Riedel brought in an Egyptian papyrus that was beautifully framed by Cathy and Justin Smitch. The laser embellishment was skillfully and artistically done.
  6. Lupe Encinas gave us a status report about her mother-in-law. We will have to wait for the next installment to know how things are going. Somebody needs to buy Lupe a margarita and make her take a nap.
  7. Landrie (Stahl) Williams was in court on Monday to deal with the nincompoop who crashed into the car Landrie was riding in last year. The woman has not taken the plea deal, and keeps spinning the net tighter and tighter around herself. We hope that things resolve without delay for Landrie so she can concentrate on being a newlywed.
  8. August 28 will be a canned food drive for Valley View Community Food Bank. It is also the day that Jody is presented with a Hometown Hero award. Susan Riedel will pick up the cost of your beverages that day, on behalf of Modern Woodmen.
  9. The following is a partial list of items needed desperately at the food bank. But almost any shelf stable item is sorely needed. There is a rapidly escalating population of hungry and displaced senior citizens in the Sun City area being served.Here is what is needed: baking products; canned beans; broth; canned meals (stews, chunky soups, Spaghetti-0s, etc.);canned meat; cereal; chips; cookies;  canned corn; condiments; crackers; dry soup; powdered drink mix; canned fruit; canned green beans; Jell-o; kids’ meals; mac and cheese; mixed vegetables; oatmeal; pasta; peanut butter and jelly; rice; side dishes (boxed potatoes, Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-roni, stuffing mix sides); snacks; canned  soups; canned tomatoes; tuna.
  10. There are some upcoming events at Z’s Fine Jewelry. August 23 and 24, there is a storewide 50% off sale. September 13 – a Friday – there will be an Officina Bernardi trunk show. And on October 19, there is a launch for the Ania Haie line. Mark your calendars!
  11. We talked about the difficulty finding young employees with a realistic view of their worth, how business is conducted in a professional setting, and what is reasonable behavior for adults. No real solutions were defined, but we were glad to know that we were not alone in thinking “WTF?”.

We adjourned to rejoin the magic of a day predicted to hit 114.

Have a great rest of the week!

Best wishes,
Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)