Notes from August 7, 2019 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

Our numbers were reduced significantly by back to school logistics and other complicating factors. So, as enthusiastic as our somewhat depleted band was today – we postponed our 50/50 raffle until next month. So, if anybody wants to sponsor September’s raffle, you have a chance to speak up and claim it.

We debriefed mother of the bride, Natalie Stahl, after this past weekend’s nuptials for Landrie (nee Stahl), and Kade Williams. Everything went well, and the discussion led into talk of the work that goes into getting a wedding dress ready for prime time. Ami Fraus is responsible for a lot of well-dressed brides. We were also given containers of cookies that weren’t consumed at the reception.

Susan Riedel reiterated that funds are available through Modern Woodmen for projects. If you have an idea or plans underway, talk to Susan about the ways that Modern Woodmen can help.

On August 28, Jody Serey will be presented with a Modern  Woodmen Hometown Hero award, through the Phoenix chapter. We will also host our own canned food drive for Valley View Community Food Bank. The check that is being presented to Jody as part of the award will also go to the food bank.

September 11 is the 25th annual Pass It On Day, hosted by The Tulip Tree and Judy Haenel. This event is entirely volunteer driven, and any an all help is deeply appreciated.

We had planned to talk about projects and undertakings for the fall, but will wait until more members are present at a meeting to explore what we might want to do. So, if you have a bright idea that would be good between now and the end of the year, jot it down so you don’t forget it.

We hope to see you next week.

Best wishes,
Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)