Notes from July 31, 2019 Meeting

Dear Everybody,

Despite some incredibly tangled traffic in the northwest Valley as a result of freeway closures, we had a great crowd.

It was a pleasure seeing Tori Rocha, and welcoming Brooke Schiavone’s two beautiful young daughters, Stella and Leena. We are always pleased when any of our kids are willing to sit through one of our meetings.

Leena announced that she got her first pair of point shoes (ballet) fitted, and is ready to begin the process of breaking them in.

Brooke reported on her and Joe’s trip to the jewelry show in Chicago, which went well despite the conspicuous absence of non-adult beverages. She said there was no water available – a definite faux pas for Arizona residents. Brooke said that everything else about the show was great, and they are now going to be the “brand ambassadors” for a couple of new lines of product. Brooke is especially fond of Ania Haie pieces, and the way their presentation boxes are designed.

Natalie Stahl reported that she is almost ready for Landrie’s wedding on Saturday.  When asked if being the mother of the bride has enlightened her about that side of the wedding experience, she said that the one thing that has become clear to her is that she is running things right at Virginia’s House. Compared to the other venues she has experienced during the wedding planning, Virginia’s House is free of hidden charges fees, and fines – and is run by somebody who knows how to operate a wedding venue.

Tory Rocha fabricated the graphics for an enormous storybook that will be a backdrop at the wedding reception.

Susan Fitzgerald reported that the event at On the Border raised $135 for her Peoria Rotary group yesterday.

Robin McCombs confirmed that humidity causes AC to work extra hard to both cool, and remove moisture from the air. Systems can break down due to condensate blockages and leaks, so check that nothing is backing up. Audrey agreed that if the moisture is collecting near the bottom of the outside of your house, termites are likely to make their way in because they love the wet ground.

Lupe Encinas is experiencing even more hair-raising adventures with her mother-in-law.

Natalie says that if you need some levity and a break from all things personally and professionally stressful – look for reviews of “Sugar Free Gummy Bears” on Amazon.

Have a great rest of the week! Next week is our business meeting and our monthly raffle. It will be a 50 /50 unless somebody claims it beforehand.

Jody Serey
SereyJones Publishers, Inc.
623-451-0834 (cell)