Contact: Natalie M. Stahl

Describes the Good, the Bad, and the ‘Huh?’

 GLENDALE, Ariz. (June 10, 2019) Longtime Glendale resident and local business owner, Natalie M. Stahl, has written a book detailing her inside view of weddings. Aisles for Miles: My Years as a Nuptial Concierge/Wedding Doula is her firsthand account as owner and operator of the historical venue Virginia’s House and veteran of what is dubbed the “wedding industry.”

The text of the book is anecdotal, often humorous, sometimes touching, but always enlightening. Stahl describes the book as a look at the good, the bad, and the “huh?” regarding weddings. She is candid yet good-natured, and avoids the rigid tone so often displayed in how-to books for wedding planning.

Virginia’s House first opened its doors to a wedding couple in 1998. With more than two decades to look back on, Stahl recalls memorable events and hard to forget nuptials in her candid portraits of some of the people married in her venue. From an almost runaway bride to a ring being tossed in the air by an excited young ringbearer, Stahl has dealt with myriad moments of drama. Regardless of the incident being recounted, the author remains good-natured in her tone, and states unequivocally that she “loves” her job. She offers practical suggestions and advice that can be adapted by any configuration of marrying couple, and shrugs at traditional wedding etiquette when it conflicts with common sense.

Stahl has also found another niche in local politics.  She works closely with the City of Glendale and federal and state governments to protect and preserve historic neighborhoods and has received several awards and accommodations.  She served the city as part of the Commission on Neighborhoods, organized and founded the Orchard Glen Neighborhood Partnership and sits as the Chairperson for the Orchard Glen Weed and Seed Steering Committee (managed through the US Attorney’s Office) and has written and been awarded countless grants for improvement projects.  She has made significant progress saving the home that houses her business, and the neighborhood it sits in.  She currently serves on the Centerline Business Development board, as well as the Community Advisory Board for the Glendale Police Department.

Aisles for Miles: My Years as a Nuptial Concierge/Wedding Doula is published by SereyJones Publishers, Inc. It will be released Friday, June 14 and is available on Amazon at